About Jog for Jugs

Jog for Jugs Australia in 2011. The event was the first of its kind in the country; a free, non-competitive, all ages, annual, beach jog fundraiser.

I jog on the beach in the morning and wanted to create a sense of camaraderie so I invited a group of people to jog with me and breathe in some salt air. The jog then became a chance to raise some dollars for a good cause. It’s a tonne of fun being out in a blue sky, taking in an ocean breeze and being part of a perspiring crowd dressed in pink. And, raising funds just makes sweating sweeter wherever you are across the country.

Jog for Jugs Australia is currently held in Perth, Darwin, Ayr, Cape York, Melbourne and the Gold Coast supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer Network Australia with proceeds divided between the two organisations.

Jog for Jugs Australia [founded in 2011] is also a registered Australian charity encouraging healthy lifestyles and positive choices while building the one country running on one day initiative.

If you’d like to jog (some people walk too), help or donate all the details are on this website. Thank you for supporting women, men and their families all over Australia.


42 Sandford St
Leanyer NT 812

Local VRC: Volunteering SA&NT