About Australian Democrats (SA Div) Inc

We have a proud record of being the people's watchdog in the Senate and we're ready to take on that job again. We speak for everyone and anyone who needs a voice. Unlike other minor parties, we are not bankrolled by a dominant, powerful vested interest.

We're committed to fighting for the rights of all Australians. We're aware of our damaged environment and depleting water resources, and we're prepared to stand up to protect them. We call for immediate action on climate change. We speak on behalf of the Australian people, seek affordable health and free education, and aim to protect ordinary Australians struggling to pay their bills.

We stand against the exploitation and marginalisation of Indigenous Australians and other minority groups. We fight against discrimination and bigotry.

Our long history of being led by strong women has given us the passion to fight for issues often ignored by male politicians - paid maternity leave, affordable child care, reproductive health and free education to name a few.
There is an urgent need for a common-sense, compassionate voice that fights for laws based on justice and fairness. We're ready to fill that need.


4/2 Lily Street
Goodwood SA 5034

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