Heywood Men's Talk Group Inc o/a Heywood Men's Shed

Heywood, VIC Community Services

About Heywood Men's Talk Group Inc o/a Heywood Men's Shed

The purposes of the association are—

1. To establish and operate a Men’s Shed in the town and community of Heywood and the Shire of Glenelg in South West Victoria with local ownership and control and with a degree of financial independence to ensure autonomy and flexibility of programs.

2. To steadily build assets, membership and programs to provide the capacity to support those men in need of help through monitoring, sharing and positive interaction.

3. To develop a men’s health program as a core of the Men’s Shed program to provide a variety of activities that help keep men active, learning, interacting together and a place to enjoy themselves in a stress-free environment.

4. To provide programs that help men to be active managers of their own health by establishing the Men’s Shed as a pivot for men’s health activities in the community by linking the Men’s Shed members with health services in their community where they work and live.

5. To further the development of the Men’s Shed movement in the region by encouragement, mutual visitation and support and by example.


21 Barclay Street
Heywood VIC 3304

Local VRC: GoVolunteer