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About SisterWorks Inc.

How we define ourselves:
SisterWorks is a social enterprise. A business. But we are also so much more than that: We are a Family.
SisterWorks helps women who are migrants, asylum seekers and refugees to build financial independence and become happily settled in Australia through the making and selling of their handmade food and craft products. We don't just deal in money but also in knowledge and relations. Working is not just about getting paid. It's about having something to fight for in life, being a part of a community and feeling worthy.

The women SisterWorks works with are the most vulnerable migrants. They have been marginalised due to a lack of identity, language barriers, lack of western culture knowledge, poor employment skills and being the carers of their families. They face long-term unemployment which exacerbates social issues. With on-going support, this vulnerability can be lifted and not become a lifetime issue.

We believe that Work Empowers Women and our aim is to support as many women as possible to generate income build their personal, physical and economic independence.

What we stand for:
* Together we believe Work Empowers Women
* Together with empathy, we are strong
* Together we embrace diversity and difference
* Together we have complementary knowledge
* Together we acknowledge each other and our achievements
* Together we learn by doing

What we do:
Our mission is to enable women who are migrants, asylum seekers or refugees - "Sister Entrepreneurs" - to work towards financial independence by developing the skills they need to settle happily into Australian society. We:
* Identify and coordinate work opportunities
* Provide the opportunity for social connections and networking
* Assist with resources and marketing
* Provide training, mentoring and support to develop business and language skills


375-377 Johnston Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067

[email protected]

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