The Maxima Group

Hindmarsh, SA Disability Services

About The Maxima Group

Since 1998 Maxima has operated highly successful Job Services Australia and more recently Disability Employment Services to disadvantaged South Australians. Our clients can face a range of barriers to taking up and maintaining employment. With Maxima’s assistance our clients are able to gain independence and move forward with their lives in the community.

Our Purpose

We are a community organisation supporting people in their pursuit of meaningful and fulfilling work.

Our Values

To be the best at what we do
To always act with integrity and pride
Community spirit underpins our corporate philosophy
We enjoy helping others achieve.

Maxima was formed in 1985 to encourage employment and training in South Australia through an arrangement known as ‘Group Training’. Over the years Maxima has increased the range of services it offers to the community.


320 Port Road
Hindmarsh SA 5007

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