Babana Aboriginal Men's Group Inc

Redfern, NSW Drug & Alcohol Services

About Babana Aboriginal Men's Group Inc

Babana Aboriginal Men’s group is based within an area of unique opportunity for the Indigenous community of Sydney and Australia. The Men’s group works with a number of other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to provide a quality service to the community.

As New South Wales has the largest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population in Australia it is important to ensure that we are providing strategies and procedures that are in line with the community needs.

Our members of Babana come from a wide range of networks and locations within the Greater Sydney region and the formation of networks that occur as a result of our events and meetings ensure that we are well aware of what the community is seeking in terms of employment, education, housing and wellbeing.

Babana works with the local community to help to better the lives of both Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal members of the Sydney area


72 renwick St
Redfern NSW 2016

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