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About Stellar Violets Inc

Stellar Violets Life Library, Living Museum and Gallery is:

* a ‘must-visit’ agri-tourism centre for arts, culture, learning & imagination, operating on “Technologies for Sustainability”, growing organic food, and engaging with active, informed “Friends of Stellar Violets” that include locals, practising artists, businesses, schools, universities, Australian & international tourists.

* a go-to regional showcase for demonstration of “technologies for sustainability” – integrated appropriate technologies enabling sustainable operations, that, where possible, enhance and enliven the local environment.

2. Development/current position of organisation.

Stellar Violets Life Library, Living Museum and Gallery was founded almost five years ago, on March 12th, 2012. Since inception, we’ve built our region’s first 100% Electric Ute, hosted Trees for Mum community tree planting events, and held workshops, talks and events helping people learn healthy, sustainable ways of living.

Since the arrival of two historic train carriages, Stellar Violets has focused on developing 21 Middlesex Road. Our garden-farm now comprises a newly planted macadamia orchard, a scalable market garden, and many other trees among beautiful food and flower gardens. Two fields are presently being improved by sowing seasonal “green manure crops” to build soil ecology and nutrients, and enable future plantings. We’ve also built a co-working space and reception room, and new “Pump House” building enables UV carbon filtered rainwater capture, and space for a community kitchen and accessible restroom.

The Fridays at Stellar Violets program will be launched as part of our upcoming 5th birthday celebrations and we are excited about engaging community in the evolution of this beautiful community venue and learning centre.

This year Stellar Violets is seeking funding support for three major projects:

1. To install SubThermal’s Geo -Thermal heating and cooling technology for all buildings, and two greenhouses (productive and educational).

2. To restore and transform two historic SAR train carriages and our WAR1950s Trolley Bus

3. To fit out an environmentally-friendly community kitchen, accessible toilet and shower room with waste water processed by a “Rootzone” BlackWater Treatment System (plan already approved by Manjimup Shire)


21 Middlesex Road
Manjimup WA 6258

Local VRC: Manjimup Community Resource Centre