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About Catalyst Foundation

Catalyst Foundation is a 'people powered and welcoming place to be. We are an inclusive, independent and charitable organisation seeking to improve the lives of all South Australians in the areas of Ageing, Disability, Lifestyle, Employment, Business and Learning.

Also known and trusted in South Australia as Seniors Information Service, we changed the organisation’s name to Catalyst Foundation to reflect the growth in our services, the communities we serve and to underline the value of making a difference through action.

Our volunteer IT Tutors provide the following community education programs:
* One to one Digital Literacy training and support including how to use computers, tablets and smartphones
* Online webinars and in-person seminars covering an array of subjects, such as scam safety, online shopping and banking, and financial tips.


149 Currie Street
Adelaide SA 5000

[email protected]

Local VRC: Volunteering SA&NT