Darwin Community Legal Service Inc.

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About Darwin Community Legal Service Inc.

Darwin Community Legal Service (DCLS)
is a free, confidential service. We assist disadvantaged members of the community to protect their legal rights. We work towards a community where everyone has access to legal advice and support. We seek to challenge unjust laws and procedures, and to ensure that people are aware of their legal rights.

The centre is set up to provide legal services to disadvantaged people, deliver community legal education, and undertake law reform projects. They focus on ‘justice’ rather than ‘the law’, and rely on the support of the community, and the participation of skilled volunteers.

DCLS has championed gay and lesbian law reform, worked for the establishment of an Aboriginal interpreter service in the Territory, and campaigned against mandatory sentencing.


GPO Box 3180
Darwin NT 800

Local VRC: Volunteering SA&NT