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About Solaris Cancer Care

Solaris Cancer Care is Western Australia’s leader in integrative cancer care, providing a helping hand to guide people towards better health.

The Solaris Cancer Care Centres provide access to quality resources and services to assist with the emotional and physical effects of cancer diagnosis, treatment, recovery and palliative care.

Our vision is to bring humanity to healthcare through care, compassion and the community. We believe that treating the whole person and not just the disease promotes overall wellbeing and improved quality of life across all stages of cancer.

Our centres and services are operated by one of WA’s largest network of volunteers and offer a range of support, information, education and exercise programs, as well as access to safe complementary integrated therapies.

All services are founded on a strong medical base and consistently refined through our commitment to sound research and education. Solaris Cancer Care is dedicated to empowering the community through the provision of quality, reliable information on cancer-related programs and support services.

By combining the best in modern medicine with evidence-based support, we can achieve the best possible patient care.


12 Salvado Road
Subiaco WA 6008

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Local VRC: Volunteering WA