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About Carers Victoria

Carers Victoria is the statewide voice for family carers, representing and providing support to family carers in Victoria. One in eight Victorians is a carer for a family member or friend with a disability, chronic illness, mental illness, or who is frail aged.

Our mission

Leading change in services, systems and supports for caring families

Our values

Carers Victoria's values provide a touchstone against which individual, team and organisational behaviour can be aligned:

Respect and dignity
Equity and diversity
Honesty and confidentiality
Integrity and accountability
Empathy and compassion
Courage and fortitude

Our core business

Improving health, wellbeing resilience and economic security of caring families.

Key service areas

The key service areas driven by the board and developed and delivered by the organisation are:

Emotional support and counselling
Research, policy and systemic change
Opportunities and ideas
Practical support and respite
Education and development
Information and advice


Level 1, 37 Albert St
Footscray VIC 3011

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