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About Whirled Foundation Inc

WHIRLED FOUNDATION is a voluntary non-profit organisation dedicated to assisting individuals living with vertigo and chronic imbalance and dizziness problems.

We provide information, support and understanding about the common causes of vertigo and dizziness, focusing on vestibular disorders OR inner ear balance problems.

We seek to promote community awareness of the impact of vertigo and the various underlying vestibular disorders such as Meniere's disease, BBPV, Vestibular Neuritis and Vestibular Migraine.

We work collaboratively with health professionals seeking to improve clinical pathways and identify evidence based patient information and support.

We encourage research into causes of vertigo and better means of diagnosis, treatment and coping strategies.

We seek international co-operation in seeking better services and support to those having to cope with the impact of chronic vertigo and imbalance in their lives.

We invite membership and involvement from individuals, carers, health professionals and supporters.

We depend on membership income and general donations [including bequests] to maintain and develop our services and support.


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