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About Brotherhood of St. Laurence

The Brotherhood of St Laurence began during the Great Depression, as the vision and creation of Father Gerard Tucker, a man who combined his Christian faith with a fierce determination to end social injustice.

Based in Melbourne, but with a national profile, the Brotherhood continues to work for an Australia free of poverty.

We undertake research, develop and deliver services, and engage in advocacy. Our aim is to address unmet needs in innovative ways and translate our learning from research and services into new policies, new programs and practices which can be implemented by government and others.

Our vision
An Australia free of poverty

The Brotherhood of St Laurence will work with others to create:
an inclusive society in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect
a compassionate and just society which challenges inequity
a society in which all create and share prosperity, and share responsibility for each other
a sustainable society for our generation and future generations.

In working for an Australia free of poverty, we recognise the Indigenous custodians of this country. We are committed to understanding the effects of the dispossession of Indigenous Australians and to achieving reconciliation.

Our mission
The Brotherhood will deliver services, develop policy and support social change to help achieve our vision by:
empowering ourselves and the people we work for
developing and building community capacity, as part of the community
creating and developing enterprise projects and ventures as catalysts for individual and community transformation.

Our values
The Brotherhood, inspired by our Christian origins, seeks the common good through compassion, with a generosity of spirit, and reliance on evidence.

Our objectives
The Brotherhood will work not just to alleviate but to prevent poverty, focusing on those people at greatest risk at the four transition stages considered critical to future wellbeing:
the early years, both at home and into school
the years from school to work and further education
the periods in and out of work, whether voluntary or involuntary
retirement and ageing.

The Brotherhood will be a national voice on matters of poverty and disadvantage, coming from an understanding that the remedy to poverty lies in integrating social and economic policy as a basis to strengthening the personal capacities and material resources of individuals and of their communities.

The Brotherhood will undertake research, service development and delivery, and advocacy with the objective of addressing unmet needs and translating the understandings gained into new policies, programs and practices for implementation by governments and others.


67 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065

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