Puffing Billy

Belgrave, VIC Environment & Conservation

About Puffing Billy

We would like to introduce you to our Volunteer Corporate Program.
We need the assistance of organisations like yours to improve the quality of the railway environment for locals and tourists but especially for the very special Australian creatures which call it home.

Puffing Billy is a living museum and as such, we believe it is our responsibility to care for the environment by remediating planting mistakes made by our forebears when they established the railway some 100 years ago. We have learned much over the years the train has been operating and recognise that environmental management methods have changed dramatically. We therefore encourage our band of environmental volunteers to remove the introduced weeds such as holly, ivy and sycamore maples which threaten to destroy the damp eucalypt and treefern forest environment so dear to most Melburnians’ hearts.

We are restoring platypus and lyrebird habitat by removing these environmental weeds in creek gullies in clematis creek area particular. The methods used are environmentally sustainable and have minimal impact on wildlife but are very labour intensive, hence our invitation to you to assist. We would encourage you to get involved in what most people find a challenging, but very rewarding task. The work done to date has seen a marked increase in the quality of the remnant bushland, water quality in the creeks and in wallaby and lyrebird numbers in particular.

We work in partnership between the Friends of the Trestle Bridge Creek, Landcare, Parks Victoria, Shire of Yarra Ranges, Melbourne Water and Puffing Billy.
The Southern Ranges Environment Alliance is a network of environmental conservation groups working along or near the railway line. These groups are always in need of extra hands if we are to preserve our natural bushland heritage, as well as our cultural railway heritage, for posterity. All volunteers are given training and all tools are supplied.


1 Old Monbulk Rd
Belgrave VIC 3160

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