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Mission Australia (Surry Hills)

About Mission Australia (Surry Hills)

Compassion - we are committed to being sensitive, understanding and caring in our service of each other
and all people.
Integrity - we are committed to being honest, accountable, transparent and just in all our work and relationships.
Respect - we are committed to treating each person as we expect to be treated, offering love, acceptance and a voice of support in the face of life’s challenges.
Perseverance - we are committed to being the very best we can be, finding effective, creative and environmentally responsible ways to fulfil our mission.
Celebration - we are committed to recognising and celebrating the efforts and achievements of our staff, supporters and the people we help.

Mission Statement:
Walking alongside those in need, we help people discover:
• Pathways to strong families and healthy, happy children
• Pathways through a successful youth
• Pathways away from homelessness
• Pathways to skills and qualifications
• Pathways to sustainable employment


19 Denham Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Local VRC: GoVolunteer