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About New Way Lawyers

New Way Lawyers is Australia's first non profit law firm.

New Way Lawyers has a vision that the practice of law will become more about people and less about profit.

We will realize this vision by operating as a nonprofit law firm so that fees for legal services are more affordable.

We will also realize this vision by placing a greater focus on the emotional needs of individuals facing legal problems.

New Way Lawyers provides professional and affordable services to individuals who are experiencing the breakdown of a marital or defacto relationship or the passing of a loved one.

We have extensive experience in resolving the following matters:

- parenting disputes
- breaches of parenting arrangements
- property and financial disputes
- breaches of property and financial arrangements
- domestic and family violence cases
- wills
- power of attorneys
- probate
- estate administration
- will disputes


Suite 11, 661 Oxley Road
Corinda QLD 4075

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