Carers NT

Ludmilla, NT Community Services

About Carers NT

Tasks include (but not limited to): Assistance with the preparation of outreach activities and provision of information of Carers NT programs and services within the community. Outreach events include (but are not limited to) Carers Week events and Community stalls/expos.

Carers NT highly values their volunteers. Their assistance and support allows many tasks to be completed resulting in the Carers’ message being communicated effectively within the community.

Carers NT aims to design roles that ensure volunteers benefit from their involvement with the association. Volunteers are given every opportunity to display their individual skills and attributes to assist Carers NT. Initial conversations will be conducted with the volunteer to identify how they can benefit from volunteering, what they wish to get out of it, and what skills and attributes they can bring with them.


59 Bayview boulevard
Ludmilla NT 820

Local VRC: Volunteering SA&NT