Community Transformations Inc.

About Community Transformations Inc.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, administered by a Board of Directors.

Ann Hefferan who is director of the organisation, as well as founder, facilitator and trainer has been delivering the Parenting by Connection approach to parents and professionals since 1992.

We are closely affiliated with the Hand in Hand organisation, headed by Patty Wipfler, who developed Parenting by Connection over more than 35 years. Ann began training in this approach in 1989 and first trained with Patty in 1992. She has trained and collaborated with Patty at regular intervals from then until the present time in both Australia and in the United States of America.

Our organisation delivers the Parenting by Connection program to parents. Our parent leadership program trains Skillbuilding Group leaders and Parenting by Connection Instructors.

We also deliver the program professionals who work with families - including childcare centres and pre-schools - and mentor professionals in using the approach with children and with parents.

In 2006, our organisation delivered a successful pilot program (funded by the then Minister for Education and Children's Services) to implement the approach in three childcare centres.


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Park Holme SA 5043

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