Mission Australia (NT)

Palmerston, NT Health

About Mission Australia (NT)

Guided by our values – compassion, integrity, respect, perseverance and celebration – our 3,500 employees, volunteers, Board and supporters advocate for disadvantaged Australians and help them to get back on their feet. Working with government, corporate Australia, churches and the wider community, Mission Australia is determined to overcome disadvantage across the nation.

By learning from others and sharing what works well for us, we are able to deliver positive outcomes for individuals, families and communities. We work to stop problems before they start, provide support to prevent situations from getting worse and form partnerships to find long-term solutions to community issues.

We are also dedicated to transforming the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders by increasing their opportunities for a better quality of life. And as part of our Reconciliation Action Plan we aim to ensure that the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees at least corresponds with the population composition in each state and territory.

Our staff includes social workers, youth workers, psychologists, counsellors, community development workers, childcare workers, teachers, allied health workers, trainers, managers, administrators, entrepreneurs and fundraisers. While our backgrounds and beliefs are many and varied, we share a common vision – to create a fairer Australia for all.

Mission Statement:
Our vision is to see a fairer Australia by enabling people in need to find pathways to a better life.

Walking alongside those in need, we help people discover:

Pathways to strong families and healthy, happy children
Pathways through a successful youth
Pathways away from homelessness
Pathways to skills and qualifications
Pathways to sustainable employment

Compassion - we are committed to being sensitive, understanding and caring in our service of each other
and all people.
Integrity - we are committed to being honest, accountable, transparent and just in all our work and relationships.
Respect - we are committed to treating each person as we expect to be treated, offering love, acceptance and a voice of support in the face of life’s challenges.
Perseverance - we are committed to being the very best we can be, finding effective, creative and environmentally responsible ways to fulfil our mission.
Celebration - we are committed to recognising and celebrating the efforts and achievements of our staff, supporters and the people we help.


6 France Drive
Palmerston NT 830

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