About Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre Volunteers

Rehabilitation is the process that brings about the highest level of recovery following a loss of function or ability from any cause. Rehabilitation aims to maximise function and independence and is usually achieved through physical and non-physical therapy methods, and is planned carefully using medical, social, educational, recreational and vocational services.

A group of health care professionals from different fields work in a coordinated way to an individual set of goals and ideal timeframes that are continually evaluated to monitor progress toward outcomes for every client.

Inpatient, outpatient and community based services all work together to provide a mix of services in a client centred model, placing the needs of the individual, their family, carers and significant others at the centre of the care.

HRC is a teaching hospital that delivers specialist rehabilitation including services for people affected by stroke, neurological, orthopaedic, burns and amputation issues, in adult and older age groups.


207 Hampstead Road
Northfield SA 5085

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