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'Carpets for Communities’ is a not-for-profit social enterprise focusing on developing sustainable solutions to end poverty. We empower mothers of impoverished families to earn a stable and fair income in the Poi Pet Commune of Cambodia, on the Thailand border. We teach the mothers to produce one-of-a-kind, hand-hooked carpets then resell these carpets into Australia and across the world with the support of a large volunteer base.

The income the mothers earn from producing these carpets enables their children to return to school. This provides an immediate intervention solution by allowing the children to be back in school within 48 hours of a mother entering the program. Without this intervention, the children are trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Once they have worked in the carpet production process and have increased their family’s welfare, we support them in longer term solutions by supporting them develop their own businesses’ through micro-financing. These businesses can range from fruit selling, to sewing, to pig farming and many more. We support them identify opportunities, develop business plans and provide them with capital through small business loans.


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