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The Cancer Care Centre Incorporated is an innovative, non-profit organisation providing complementary health care services to people affected by cancer - including patients, carers and professionals in the health sector. It is the largest complementary health care organisation in South Australia dedicated to cancer. In 2008 an estimated 8,000 individual services will be delivered to people affected by cancer from the Centre.

Our aim is to provide an environment that will empower individuals to complement their medical treatments by integrating self-help strategies and complementary therapies appropriate for them as they work towards wellbeing and healing in their cancer journey. Membership is open to any person or organisation.

We are a unique organisation in South Australia. Thousands of people rely on the Cancer Care Centre to provide complementary health services that are either difficult to access or otherwise unavailable in Adelaide were it not for our Centre. For more than two decades, the Centre has provided services, support, training and education, facilitated research and provided great resources to members and the health industry that have earned us the reputation as one of the leaders in complementary health in Australia.


76 Edmund Avenue
Unley SA 5061

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