Deutsche Schule Melbourne

Fitzroy North, VIC Education & Training

About Deutsche Schule Melbourne

Deutsche Schule Melbourne (DSM) is a German English bilingual school. Our school caters to families with German language connections and those interested in providing their children with a bilingual education.
Our Primary and Secondary School curricula consist of the Victorian curriculum as well as the German (Thuringia) curriculum. All our teachers are highly qualified and very passionate about sharing and teaching languages, culture and heritage. Our purpose is for students to become confident, competent, resilient, and bilingual children that are curious thinkers and appreciate different cultures. We strive to instil a passion for lifelong learning and equip and prepare students for their future in an increasingly connected world.
We do this by having German and English languages of instruction taught at a native level. We offer a challenging hybrid curriculum for students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We encourage our students to explore their passions, and challenge them to reach their full potential. In addition to English and German, DSM also offers a French language learning program starting from Year 5.
Bilingual education provides an excellent basis for children’s learning capabilities in language learning and many other fields. Growing up bilingually not only benefits students’ literacy and numeracy development but also gives them a unique understanding and experience of the world. The model of learning at DSM is clearly defined, well-developed, thoroughly supported, and highly regarded in Australia.
We are a member of the 135 German Schools Abroad network and are formally supported and recognised by the ‘Central Agency for German Schools Abroad’. Deutsche Schule Melbourne currently offers Foundation to Year 6 and will expand into secondary school education from 2025. An education at DSM enables our students to transition into further education in Australia, Germany and internationally.


96 Barkly Street
Fitzroy North VIC 3068

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