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Picabeen Community Association

Mitchelton, QLD Community Services
Ph: 07 3354 2555 https://picabeen.org.au/

About Picabeen Community Association

Picabeen Community Centre is a not-for-profit organisation located in North-West Brisbane, providing a variety of supports and services to the community.

Picabeen operates through a social justice framework to enhance people's quality of life by providing access to support and services for a range of marginalised groups including young people at risk, CALD communities, those experiencing social isolation, socially disadvantaged and seniors.

Picabeen provides vital support to those in need through services such as case management for young people, playgroups, emergency relief, food parcels, various activities to engage seniors while targeting social isolation and improving mental health and starting soon, citizenship classes.


22 Hoben St
Mitchelton QLD 4053

[email protected]

Local VRC: Volunteering Queensland