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St Kilda, VIC Community Services

About Sleepbus LTD

sleepbus® provides a safe, temporary overnight accommodation service, getting people off the street by offering an immediate, first stop, cost-effective solution for our society's most vulnerable, catching them early until they can get back on their feet.

Each sleepbus® has up to 20 secure, climate controlled, individual sleep pods with a lockable door and toilet. Everyone is looked after with overnight volunteer caretakers and CCTV surveillance, we also have under bus storage for belongings, and pets are welcome to stay also.

A sleepbus comes into its Service location from 8pm, onboards guests from 8:30pm and everyone is tucked in bed with doors closed at 10pm. Supported by our onboard, volunteer Caretaker, guests stay warm and safe on sleepbus all night until disembarking from 7am, with sleepbus heading back to the depot to be reset at 8am.


22 Gourlay St
St Kilda VIC 3182

[email protected]

Local VRC: GoVolunteer