Green Fox Training Studio

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About Green Fox Training Studio

reen Fox Training Studio is Australia’s first Not-For-Profit Creative Agency operating a training facility inside a high-security prison. Operating since 2018, we now provide training to vulnerable members of the community, including those that are currently detained or have been recently released. We teach graphic design, desktop publishing, 3D animation and more, and are providing real-world employment and experience within the creative industries. Green Fox Training Studio is centred around our focus towards doing more social good. Our prison-based training studio provides intervention, rehabilitation and economic opportunity for detainees, meaningfully affecting the community to which the overwhelming majority of offenders return. Participation in Green Fox Training Studio increases the likelihood that upon release, former inmates are skilled, supported and experienced to seek employment, thus minimising recidivism and maximising positive contributions to the community. We make time count!


Brisbane City QLD 4000

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