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Clyde, VIC Seniors & Aged Care
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About Ageing with Grace

Ageing with Grace is a not-for-profit organisation inspired by the desire to reduce the impact of mobility loss, loneliness and community disengagement for older people.

CEO and Founder, Esis Tawfik, has worked in the not-for-profit space for over 30 years and was inspired to build an organisation that would support people to age with grace.

Ageing with Grace will support older people to build meaningful, inter-generational friendships both face to face and also using technology.

This is just the beginning! As Ageing with Grace grows, more services and locations will be covered, to support as many older people as we can. We will build valuable connections, help older people become confident to use technology, support them to attend medical appointments and remain involved members of our community.


6 Newland Drive
Clyde VIC 3978

[email protected]

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