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About Children's Hospital Foundation

We exist for every kid that ever needs us, no matter who, where or when. All illnesses, injuries and conditions - today, tomorrow and for every future generation.

Our volunteer community supports families in the toughest of times – with a helping hand, a knowing smile or a welcome distraction.

We have a selection of volunteer roles designed to bring you face-to-face with precious moments in one of the world’s best paediatric hospitals. Over one hundred volunteers work across the Queensland Children’s Hospital and Ellen Barron Family Centre – helping parents find their way to an appointment, providing a shoulder of support or entertaining kids at the bedside.

Your gift of time makes all the difference to sick kids and their families. Putting a smile on the face of a sick child and bringing some fun and joy into their life is an incredibly rewarding experience for all our volunteers.


Lvl 14, 199 Grey Street
South Brisbane QLD 4101

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