Hunar Symposia

Sydney, NSW Arts & Culture

About Hunar Symposia

Hunar means art in Dari or Persian. Art is at the heart of what we do.

Who are we: Hunar Symposia are a collective of artists and academics who focus on artistic responses to crisis, conflict and colonisation.

Hunar engages in cultural inquiry and its intersections with society, politics, identity, gender and race. At its core, Hunar’s approach is epistemological. That is, we explore the origins of existing knowledges, and seek to create new knowledges embedded in the lived experiences of groups whose identities, histories, contributions, languages, cultures and communities have been erased through the ongoing impacts of colonisation, crisis and conflict. Through our events, exhibitions, conversations and relationships, we aspire to remedy what we can of this erasure.


91/49 Henderson Road, Eveleigh
Sydney NSW 2000

[email protected]

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