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FORM Building a State of Creativity Inc

Claremont, WA Arts & Culture

About FORM Building a State of Creativity Inc

Our Vision
FORM is a major contributor in ensuring Western Australia is a vibrant, thriving, and connected
participant in a global creative economy. Our work is world-renowned for its ability to catalyse
unique cultural expression, arising from our State’s healthy and prosperous communities.

Community Empowerment
We aim to embed self-determination, grounded in cultural awareness and respect, as the basis of our
work in all communities.

We can accomplish greater things together than any of us can alone. We embrace the power of
diverse perspectives in achieving shared goals.

We involve volunteers on the various project we develop and each project has specific needs in terms of
volunteers. Volunteers are a very important part of our organisation.


39 Gugeri Street
Claremont WA 6010

[email protected]

Local VRC: Volunteering WA