Denmark Futures Ltd

Denmark, WA Community Services

About Denmark Futures Ltd

Denmark Futures employs an engagement model that empowers regional communities to take more control over their future.

It proposes a new kind of community partnership, where Local Governments and Community work together, to articulate a clear vision on what it means for the community to thrive. A concurrent discussion to unearth local resources and skills, together with the establishment of suitable investment structures, allows the community to directly create and support the future they design.

Using the Local Government Community Strategic Planning framework as the trigger for the community consultation process, Denmark Futures helps to clearly articulate how the Community and Local Government might collaborate to achieve the community’s vision together. Working as a “backbone” organisation, Denmark Futures enables the delivery of those elements of the community’s vision that do not fall within the remit of Local Government. In this way it creates opportunities for the community to coinvest in implementing the vision, bringing the community vision to life.

It is a simple approach that combines engagement with an implementation component to create community empowerment within regional communities.


2391 Scotsdale Road,
Denmark WA 6333

Local VRC: GoVolunteer