Hastings, VIC Indigenous Australians

About Bunjilwarra

12 bed Alcohol and Other Drugs residential rehabilitation and healing service for Aboriginal young people (male and female) aged between 16 and 25 years. It is a purpose-built, statewide service situated on a 1.7 hectare site in Hastings, Victoria.
Bunjilwarra provides:
• A holistic journey of healing, embracing Aboriginal culture.
• A culturally and clinically safe residential rehabilitation program in the form of a
therapeutic community for Aboriginal young people who require treatment to
manage their alcohol and drug use problems, and to build resilience.
• A stable and secure environment where young people work on managing
problematic behaviours, improving their life skills and interpersonal skills,
learning alternative habits to develop personal resilience and confidence, build
social networks and reintegrate into the community.
• An effective, clinical alcohol and drug recovery orientated program that is staffed
24/7 by a strong clinical team.
• Improved social and emotional wellbeing, by providing a culturally appropriate
program, comprising a range of treatment interventions and healing, which aim
to build cultural knowledge and connections, increase protective factors, build resilience, and decrease risk factors.
• The (re)connection or engagement with their cultural heritage through
participation in programs, interaction with community members, and
involvement with Elders.
• Opportunities for residents’ families, Elders and significant others, to be involved
in the treatment, healing and cultural education of the young person.


PO Box 43
Hastings VIC 3915

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