TSP Theatre Inc. t/a The Storey Players

The Patch, VIC Young People

About TSP Theatre Inc. t/a The Storey Players

TSP Theatre Inc. (trading as The Storey Players) is a charitable organisation whose principal mission is empowering disadvantaged kids through drama workshops and storytelling activities to strengthen their self-confidence and boost their literacy skills. The activities we offer strengthen the children’s social and emotional wellbeing, as well as enhancing their connections to learning, culture and heritage.

Our concept for change involves the following:

• Engaging with the community to understand their culture, experience and stories.
• Holding workshops to introduce the children to drama and storytelling.
• Creating performances by capturing the stories told by the community and mentoring the children to transform these stories into theatre.
• Presenting these performances back to the community at the end of the project to celebrate the children's work.

The act of creating a local story together contributes to a sense of belonging and local pride, establishing social connections and bonds and perhaps finding and telling an untold story that contributes to a sense of belonging. The workshops offer new insights and skills to the local participants giving them an expanded communication toolkit which they can use into the future.


55 Kallista-Emerald Road
The Patch VIC 3792

Local VRC: GoVolunteer