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Rafiki Mwema is an organisation that at its core – helps young girls and boys to deal with the trauma of sexual abuse. We help our girls to understand their frightening experience and allow them to know that they are not to blame. While they are with us our girls receive medical attention; support through their court cases; education; therapy and a warm, loving, playful and empathic environment – we change the air they breathe so they can repair from the inside. The young girls are provided attachment therapy with trained, local staff. The boys that we work with have often come from the streets, having been beated and abused by individuals in positions of power as well as their own family members. We teach our boys to respect themselves and others. We give them the values to become safe husbands and fathers. We help them to be able to give and receive love.We work with families; in the communities; the schools; churches; villages; with the government officials to ensure the cycle of abuse is broken and children are able to live as children should. We provide training in Kenya, Australia and the UK on working with children that have experienced trauma. We are totally committed to supporting the children who have experienced things we could not even imagine and to help them heal their hearts and minds.


Riverwalk Arcade, 1/144 River Street
Ballina NSW 2478

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