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At Challenge Employment and Training, we have been transforming lives by utilising our skills and resources to assist people be the best they can be for over 45 years.
Originally set up as a community group to tackle youth unemployment in the Ipswich area (Young Unemployed People of Ipswich – YUPI), today we are so much more. We are now a registered not for profit training organisation spread across South East Queensland, that is helping disadvantaged people gain employment and training through a variety of pathways.
Although we have widened our target audience from just youth to all disadvantaged cohorts, we still maintain an 80% youth engagement cohort. We teach essential work and life skills, and provide opportunities to gain valuable experience and to achieve positive long-term outcomes.


21 Dunlop Street
Collingwood Park QLD 4301

Local VRC: Volunteering Services Australia- West Moreton