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About Women's Mentoring Foundation Ltd

We believe in taking a holistic approach in providing support and we offer services to people, Our purpose is to improve the current conditions of the services and the lives of our participants. We specialise in Support Independent Living (SIL) for all Women. Our aim is to support participants to live life to the fullest. We understand that everyone comes from somewhere and has their own culture, we respect that this can be an important part of a person's life and we strive to match participants with support workers who understand their culture.

The Women’s Mentoring Foundation [WMF] aims to empower women who are experiencing pain and grief caused by various abuses, anger, insecurity, suicidal thoughts, domestic, sexual and family violence, gender inequality, depression, stress, compromised mental and emotional wellbeing and lack of safety and stability in their lives.

Drawing on my own traumatic experiences, I founded the WMF in order to share the tools which I used in my recovery with other women - women who are on their own road to recovery but may not have the skills and insights which my professional life has provided me with. The aim is for women from all ages, diverse cultures and professions, to build up their ability to be confident, focused, proactive in their own Self Leadership and creating a better life, secure employment and even start a small business.

The aim of the Foundation is:
· to assist women to find their own inner strength, when they’re at their most vulnerable and struggling through crisis;
· to assist women to regain or build their confidence, trust and success through our mentoring, coaching, speaking events and online programs.

In our Hurting to Healing Program, a 4 week recovery program, we:
· encourage recovery in a compassionate and respectful manner;
· offer intervention support and bereavement counselling;
· provide support through intervention or referrals, to women who are experiencing suicidal crisis, emotional pain and/or distress;
· provide information and/or referral for women who are experiencing financial distress or poverty


Unit 10, 12 VIRGIL ST
Mount Gravatt QLD 4122

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Local VRC: Volunteering Queensland