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About This Life Cambodia

This Life is a creative, innovative, collaborative and internationally award-winning community development organisation. This Life delivers programs focused in three practice areas. In our 5 year strategic plan, we are expanding our activities into other countries in the region and this is obviously a very exciting and challenging time for us and our Board.
In Cambodia, our programs currently cover:
Children and Families
Community Research and Consultancy

We typically work with communities that have the greatest challenges, yet the desire and the drive to enact change. What they need are the tools, training, skills and initial support to tackle their community’s specific development issues. Local communities are the experts at identifying their problems and priorities. They often have great ideas and what they need are the ways and means to take ownership of resolving their greatest challenges.
Our approach enables communities to develop the essential infrastructure and skills needed to make change and break free from poverty. The unifying factor in everything we do is to work alongside communities listening to their needs and concerns. We advocate alongside children, families and community stakeholders as they define and implement their own solutions.
Our programs have evolved organically, based on our experience in service delivery, and on the needs communities identify through a consultative process. As a result, many of our programs are interlinked.


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