Rainbow Community House

North Perth, WA Mental Health

About Rainbow Community House

Rainbow Community House (RCH) supports LGBTQIA+ people aged 12-25 who are struggling with their mental health.

OUR VISION is to eliminate suicide and self-harm among gender and sexually diverse young people. We believe they should feel empowered to pursue rich, full lives without fear that their sexuality and gender identity will forever be a barrier in achieving their goals.

OUR CURRENT FOCUS is on collaborating with existing support services to address the vital need for appropriate, affirmative counselling, which is in limited availability. RCH aims to support young people (and when necessary, their families) to embrace their identity and develop the resilience and confidence to meet and overcome life’s challenges.

WE ALSO PLAN to establish a mentoring programme for our young people.

AS A NEW ORGANISATION, we are presently limited in our resources.

A LONGER-TERM GOAL is for RCH to build up the resources to provide any homeless gender and sexually diverse young people with accommodation.


4 View St
North Perth WA 6006

Local VRC: Volunteering WA