The Schaffa Foundation

Mascot, NSW Homeless

About The Schaffa Foundation

he Schaffa Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the most vulnerable members of our communities, running the program called Street Buffet which feeds the homeless every week at Woolloomooloo.

With Street Buffet being well established and ready to expand to new locations in 2019, new concepts and programs are being developed that align with the mission of the organisation and will ultimately help even more people by providing them a stepping stone to rebuilding confidence and life skills for the long term solutions of homelessness.


The Schaffa Foundation was set up with the key mission of helping as many poverty-stricken individuals as possible meet their basic life needs. Whether that was by providing food or connecting them with support services to help better their overall situation, the aim and intention is to assist individuals create a life, rather than live an existence.


16 Lyons Street
Mascot NSW 1460

Local VRC: GoVolunteer