When we met Teacher Glory, she was working in a small, grassroots school, in an underprivileged part of Arusha, Tanzania. Despite each day, showing up and working to give as many children as she could, a fair education, she was under-qualified and did not possess the skills to manage a class of 40+ children. The learning environment was not capable of supporting 40+ children, there were little to no resources, and Teacher Glory had no access to training or support services. As a result, most children in her class were not able to continue schooling beyond their pre-primary years, as they did not possess the skills to enter primary school.

The Kutamani Foundation is a unique, capacity building focused organisation, that works to support and upskill the 60% of under-qualified Educators working in grassroots schools across Tanzania, by providing a comprehensive professional development programs.

The ‘Teacher Outreach’ program, is a comprehensive professional development program, which has been designed in a way that directly targets the key needs of underqualified teachers and can be continually guided by those we support. For the program to be highly functional, accessible to the most in need with financial limitations, and so we can service a significantly higher number of schools and teachers, the program will operate through a mobile vehicle. The vehicle will be fitted with all necessary equipment, including shelving for story and teaching textbooks, physical resources to be used in the classroom, a wifi modem, laptops, and files that relate to the additional aspects of our program. Consider it a mobile library.

The 'Teacher outreach’ program consists of three main initiatives, which will be operated from our mobile library:

- Facilitating comprehensives upskill courses, focusing on the Tanzanian curriculum and syllabus,

- A library system resource center, giving educators access to books, textbooks, and technology,

- A 'collaboration' initiative, which consists of establishing dedicated teams of teachers (PLC -Professional Learning Communities), who meet regularly to collaborate on ideas, learning concepts, and assessments to drive their professional development, with a focus on improving student results.

By focusing on providing educators in already established, grassroots schools in disadvantaged areas, we are working to close the gap in access to quality education in Tanzania, as children from these areas are proven to be the least likely to have the opportunity to continue with schooling after the age of 7.


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