Bracken Ridge, QLD Community Services

About Sandbag

The Sandgate and Bracken Ridge Action Group Incorporated, known as SANDBAG Inc. is an independent community based organisation that has been working within the Brisbane North Community for the past 25 years.
We aim to create community connections that strengthen and support individuals, families and communities and engage with people experiencing adversity due to poverty, homelessness, mental illness, domestic violence, disability, and discrimination due to age, gender or sexual orientation. SANDBAG works to break down barriers that exclude people from housing, healthcare, employment, meaningful connections, and to give people a voice. We assist and support individuals to access a safe space, resolve crisis, break social isolation, access health and community services, and build community.
Working developmentally, our values strongly drive not only what we do but how we do it. Actively living these values underpins the approach of all those who work for or are connected with the organisation.


Bracken Ridge QLD 4017

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