Maturity Matters @ Twiddle Farm Incorporated

About Maturity Matters @ Twiddle Farm Incorporated

Maturity Matters @ Twiddle Farm is a newly created not for profit that is focused on improving the well-being of older adults and younger people in the community.

Our current Program is aimed at reducing social isolation and increasing independence through the improved use of home-based technology

The older adults of our community generally require personalised support and assistance to get better value out of today’s home technology

We take a person-centred approach by providing education and support in the use of home technology on a one on one basis or in small groups. We do this in a caring, patient and respectful way.

Our aim is to simplify the world of home-based technology with a focus on delivering tangible benefits for the individual. These benefits may include:

• Increased social connectiveness
• Improved independent living
• Exposure to a world of knowledge and entertainment
• Access to telehealth
• Improved cognitive functioning through the increased exposure to new
knowledge and concepts


155 Fitzgeralds Road
Arawata VIC 3951

Local VRC: GoVolunteer