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Robina, QLD Human Rights
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About My Community Legal Inc.

My Community Legal Inc. is an independent initiative of the Gold Coast District Law Association and collaborates with many members, volunteers and partners. We are one of two Gold Coast nationally-accredited community legal centres.

We provide lawyers, law students and many other friends, the opportunity to serve the city of Gold Coast by providing free legal services to those who need but cannot afford a lawyer.

My Community Legal is an independent, volunteer-powered association and receives no state or federal government funding, but enjoys the support of numerous partners including:

Gold Coast District Law Association;
Queensland Law Society;
Bond University;
Griffith University;
Southern Cross University;
Other Partners; and

Community Legal Centres (CLCs) respond to community need rather than a political, government or business agenda. We have at our core a belief in pro bono publico volunteering of the legal profession, human rights and natural justice according to law.

CLC’s are independent, not-for-profit incorporated law firms funded from a range of agencies to provide legal services to a defined geographic community. We are immersed in the community and collaborate with many other community organisations to provide a whole-of-client solution, such as in emergency accommodation, social counselling and financial advice.

My Community Legal is a registered charity, ATO deductible gift recipient, local, state and national award-winner.


196 Robina Town Centre Drive
Robina QLD 4226

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