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About Project Yumi Inc

Project Yumi Inc is an Australian registered charity and Papua New Guinean registered not for profit, thats mission is to be a beacon for positive change by enriching the lives of those in need, in all provinces of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Through providing valuable health and educational resources such as school furniture, books, stationery and medical equipment and implementing initiatives that create opportunities, we believe that we can enhance the live of those who need it most.

Since our establishment, Project Yumi has provided donated furniture, equipment, medical items and educational resources to a wide range of schools and organisations in several different provinces across Papua New Guinea including NCD, Central, Gulf, ENB, Bougainville and Eastern and Western Highlands.

Leading into 2019 our youth work readiness and development program, Project Wok, was launched and empowered the youth of Papua New Guinea to achieve their career and future aspirations.

In 2020, our Bush Dokta initiative will connect health workers from both Australia and PNG, to enhance rural health.


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