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Built in 1855 for Charles Ibbotson, this unique per-fabricated home (the largest of its kind in Victoria) was home to three generations of the one Geelong family.
The interior features renovations completed in the late 1930s reflecting that era's contemporary taste.
The extensive garden, dominated by the 1860s plantings of oaks and conifers, is one of the oldest private gardens in Geelong.
Many of the older outbuildings, including the 1850s blue-stone groom's cottage, the water tower, the extensive stable complex and an unusual dovecote, remain intact.

The National Trust is not part of government. It is an independent non-profit organisation, supported by a large community base that has been actively working towards conserving and protecting our heritage for future generations since 1956.
It is the premier heritage and conservation organisation in the state and the major operator of historic properties and heritage sites open to the public including Barwon Grange and The Heights.


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