Georgina Martina Inc.

Fitzroy, VIC Family Services

About Georgina Martina Inc.

Georgina Martina Inc (GMI) is a not for profit community-based organisation providing support and emergency accommodation for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. Georgina Martina Inc operates high security women’s refuges and family violence services.

Our service delivery model focusses on holistic support for women impacted by domestic and family violence, mental health and substance abuse. We do this by providing:

? Crisis and medium-term accommodation

? Culturally sensitive support; and

? Assistance with accessing services

GMIs services support:

? Women and children particularly those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

? Women and children of all ages

? Women without children

? Older women

? Women with mental health issues

? Women with substance abuse issues

? Women and children who have difficulties in gaining access to mainstream services, such as those without permanent residency.

Georgina and Martina Refuges are high security, ensuring women and children escaping Family Violence can feel safe. Our properties can currently accommodate up to eighteen families. Our Team is multi-skilled, culturally diverse and dedicated to providing a universally accessible family violence services within a collaborative community network.

We also operate a number of outreach support services for women and children escaping/experiencing domestic/family violence and have access to a number of transitional housing properties for long-term support

Clients/residents generally stay for up to 6 to 8 weeks in the crisis/short term accommodation and up to three months in the transitional properties. This may be extended depending on circumstances; usually when the client has difficulty accessing long term safe affordable accommodation.


Fitzroy VIC 3065

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