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The Equanimity Project (Australia) Limited

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About The Equanimity Project (Australia) Limited

The Equanimity Project Ltd is an Australia wide charity which provides a community embedded solution for domestic violence and homelessness.

We are a world-first initiative that resolves both domestic abuse and homelessness with one simple solution whilst also promoting enhancing collective consciousness through education and action.

Domestic abuse in Australia is not going away: despite the number of local and national initiatives and enormous budget. The Equanimity Project’s objective is to change the way we respond to domestic abuse by making available an immediate emergency framework that women can use.

The Equanimity Project (TEP) is an Australian first that provides emergency respite and care to women escaping domestic abuse and their children. It is a community-wide initiative relying on women and intergenerational solidarity to develop a network in metropolitan and regional NSW to adequately respond to
women escaping violence and their children and offers an integrated approach to reducing both domestic and family violence and homelessness for women in NSW.


Level 8, 1'O'Connell Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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