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The Equanimity Project (Australia) Limited

Sydney, NSW Community Services
Ph: 0490 338 100

About The Equanimity Project (Australia) Limited

The Equanimity Project is an Australian first initiative and a solution focussed advocacy agency for women, (their children, and pets) escaping domestic violence and women at risk of homelessness.

We provide ongoing encouragement to women to regain their independence, safety and self-assurance and commit unlimited time, as needed, in response to any challenges they may face.

We provide a high level of case management and support that navigates the myriad of services uniquely needed by each woman.

We provide services that take into consideration the need for short-term responsive solutions such as safe accommodation, advocacy, legal support, technology checks and advice on formal reporting to the long-term endorsement of recruitment training, job opportunities, mentorship, relocation, and therapy.

As an organisation comprising lived experience individuals, we know that finding equanimity is important to the survival, emotional balance and capability to move forward in life.


Level 8, 1'O'Connell Street
Sydney NSW 2000

[email protected]

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