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About Kinfolk

Kinfolk exists to create more inclusive communities. Social inclusion is a major issue for many Australians who are marginalised by society for various reasons including unemployment, disability, mental health and race. These factors can impact a person’s ability to effectively integrate into the community and many people struggle to gain a sense of belonging.

Embedded within our business model is a training program that creates inclusive opportunities for people facing marginalisation, including: physical and learning disabilities; mental health challenges; unemployment; transitioning from prison; and recent migrants and refugees. Each week upwards of 70 people participate in our program gaining social connection, hospitality skills and confidence with many of them going on to gain paid employment.

Our volunteers are the driving force of our social enterprise and their contributions make a difference, as do those of our customers, with 100% of our distributable profits being donated to our partner charities as determined by the votes of our customers.

Kinfolk has donated more than $200,000 to build more inclusive communities.


Melbourne VIC 3000

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