Salvos Stores

Mount Waverley, VIC Community Services

About Salvos Stores

Salvos Stores is the retail arm of The Salvation Army Australia. We operate as a fully functioning retail business, recycling pre-loved goods and relying heavily on the generosity of the public.
All profit from the sale of goods at Salvos Stores contributes to invaluable community programs operated by The Salvation Army.
We are the leading and most sustainability-conscious recycling charity retailer in Australia. Our mission is to provide our services professionally and efficiently, as well as in an environmentally-responsible manner.
Volunteers are an integral part of the Salvos Stores community. They generously offer their time to assist with the day to day running of Salvos Stores. With over 2,500 active volunteers, their help is what keeps Salvos Stores operational.
Salvos Stores is always looking for new volunteers. Any level of contribution is appreciated, whether it is a few hours each week or a few days, it all makes a difference.


233 Blackburn Road
Mount Waverley VIC 3149

Local VRC: Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre