Wesley Mission Victoria - Casey Cardinia

Dandenong, VIC Community Services

About Wesley Mission Victoria - Casey Cardinia

Wesley Mission Victoria helps empower people to improve their lives by providing them with community based services and support across multiple stages of life.

With the assistance of our services across aged care, children youth and family, crisis and homelessness, disability, employment, social enterprises and Lifeline telephone counselling services, clients can improve their quality of life and increase their social and economic participation.

We also speak out and influence the broader issues in our society that contribute to the challenges or inequity our clients face.

Our vision
A community where all people can participate with dignity and hope.

Our purpose
We support people experiencing disadvantage and vulnerability to improve their life outcomes. We advocate for a more just society.

Our values
The work we do impacts every day upon many people’s lives. Our values of hope, compassion and justice guide us in everything we do.

Hope is the promise of a better future for every person in a fairer world.

Compassion is seeking to understand the experience of others, standing alongside and being moved to respond.

Justice is the right of all people to be treated with respect and fairness in an equitable society.


280 Thomas S
Dandenong VIC 3175

Local VRC: Greater Dandenong Volunteer Resource Service